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pla-Toon Supporter Edition

What is pla-Toon Supporter Edition?

I created the pla-Toon Supporter Edition to thank the people who donated to the project.

The supporter edition is just like the normal one but it allows you to change your characters appearance,

and makes your votes for what you'd like to see added to the game next at 10x higher priority.

Every time I release an update to the game I also release a supporter edition version as well.

It's available from either one of the links below (instant download after purchase).

I'll also add the email that you use to checkout to the supporter email list, you'll get an email every

time I update the game with the new files (you can unsubscribe from the list at anytime).

Here's a list of what you get with the supporter edition:

- An instant download (sent to your email) of the supporter edition version of the game

- You'll receive an email with the latest supporter edition every update (no extra cost)

- Customize your characters appearance

- Higher priority on your suggestions of what to add next

- Help support me in developing this game faster

How to get it:

You can buy the supporter edition by selecting one of the buttons below.